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KABUMI is a student arts organizations, which accommodate the arts and cultural aspirations of students of Indonesia University of Education in particular, and society in general. The purpose of KABUMI itself is to preserve national culture and art a tool of learning for students in particular and young people in general.

KABUMI works to help UPI in the field of ‘extracurricular’ to strengthen and expand the quality of educational institutions and the National Educational Goals graduation frame and Status of UPI as an educational department.

The Big Family of Bumi Siliwangi or commonly abbreviated as KABUMI declared at the Indonesian Embassy in Bonn, the Capital of Germany on October 1, 1985. Of since his birth, a lot of progress has been done by KABUMI to preserve Indonesian culture.

Below are the pages we provide for you if you want to know more about us.


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  • SuNarWibAwa says:

    Kabumi ok sebagai salahsatu kegiatan mahasiswa

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